13 December 2022

Emeralds take centre stage in new jewellery collaboration

The Donna Hourani x Gemfields ‘The Bridge’ collection uses only the finest, responsibly sourced Zambian emeralds – from the Kagem mine – in a range of creations infused with meaning.


Lebanese-born designer Donna Hourani has a strong affinity to emeralds: ever since founding her eponymous label in Dubai in 2016, she has harnessed their healing powers and majestic beauty in her work. The 11 pieces – of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings – that make up The Bridge collection are no exception.

Pure emerald-green is the colour of the heart chakra, and it is this that inspires The Bridge collection, whose name comes from one of Hourani’s favourite quotes, by Rumi: “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” Each piece is intended to remind the wearer of this saying, with a Zambian emerald sitting (as a bridge) between a diamond (representing the wearer) and another coloured stone (representing a life achievement).


Gemfields is delighted to being partnering with Hourani, who has a passion and discernment when it comes to emeralds, using only the very best, responsibly sourced gemstones. As the majority owner of the Kagem mine in Zambia and a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, Gemfields has always mined according to the core principles of transparency, legitimacy and integrity.


Emerald is the Hero gemstone of The Bridge collection, whose pieces each bear a lofty name reminding the wearer of a higher purpose. One that stands out is “To The Universe”, an exquisite ring carrying the message that “the universe is inside you”, with a diamond as “you”, an opal as “the universe” and a spiral of beautiful emeralds representing the passage between the two.


The “To Womanhood” earrings feature an emerald connecting the diamond “you” to a colourful medley of yellow, orange, blue, green and pink sapphires, representing the many lively facets of womanhood. “To Self Love” is a necklace with a simple beauty and simple message: the emerald a bridge between the diamond and pink tourmaline. Other inspiringly named pieces include “To Strength”, “To Beauty”, “To Passion”, “To Peace” and “To Power”.


This unique collaboration draws on the arresting power and beauty of emeralds and Hourani’s clear vision of them as a symbol of love and connection with nature. This dovetails perfectly with Gemfields’ own view of these brilliant green gemstones, which have been adored over the centuries by tastemakers from Cleopatra and Moses to the Indian Mughal emperors.