The Sapphire - Rubyvale Area

Sapphire and Rubyvale, are two of the six areas of Designated Fossicking Land on the central Queensland sapphire fields where recreational and tourist fossicking is possible under simple Fossickers Licences without the need to contact the relevant landowners.

The Reward area

Wash around the 'Reward' diggings in the eastern part of the area is relatively deep and generally unsuitable for fossickers, although there may be some shallower material between there and the main road to the northwest..

The Willows

Wash is extensive throughout most of the area. In the north the 'Duffer' contains sapphire-bearing wash which varies from 500mm in depth in the southeast to 2m in the north. 

Our Gemfields are located in the beautiful Australian state of 
Queensland - beautiful one day, perfect the next.
The Central Queensland Gemfields, formerly known as the Anakie Gemfields, have become legendary amongst tourists, miners, and gem buyers alike, having gained worldwide recognition for their top quality golden yellow Sapphires. Some of the largest gem quality Sapphires have been found in the Gemfields and many a fortunes where made and lost. To this day, miners and fossickers alike come up with the most outstanding finds and many Australians have a story or two to tell about the "Fields".
Because the Gemfields attract so many tourists, visitors will find general information easy to come by out here, and plenty of people willing and able to advise how and where to find gems. The best time to visit the Gemfields is in winter, or at least between March and October. During summer the area is very hot and also can be very wet. Armed with a Department of Minerals & Energy fossicking license and a camping permit, you are allowed to camp in a number of areas on the fields. These permits are readily available on the fields when you arrive, or beforehand from the Department's offices in Brisbane or Emerald. Camping is allowed at Big Bessie and Graves Hill, near Sapphire; at Reward and Middle Ridge, near Rubyvale; at Glenalva, just south of the highway 22 km west of Anakie; and at Tomahawk Creek, 70 km north west of Anakie. None of these areas has any man-made facilities, so you must be self-contained.
The Anakie gemfields in Central Queensland

The facetting of Sapphires is usually done in counties such as Thailand and nowadays also in Cambodia where labour costs are cheap.